Boxer Dogs

When the kids start begging for a dog, look no further than the boxer dog. As the former owner of a boxer mix, and two purebred boxer dogs, I can guarantee you're in for hours of entertainment. These personable dogs embody every desirable trait in a family dog. Hopefully you'll rescue an abandoned boxer, but [...]

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Dog Breeds – Pembroke Welsh Corgi Information: Pros and Cons of Choosing a Herding Breed

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is so named because the breed is supposed to have originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Corgis, though small in height, are herding dogs with big personalities and a very athletic nature. Breed Characteristics Corgis are often described as a "big dog trapped in a small dog's body," and this is an accurate [...]

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The Boxer – The Best Family Pet

The Boxer breed is one of the most well loved breeds of dog out there. Often referred to as the ‘clown of the dog world’, Boxers make for a playful, loving and extremely loyal companion. Many boxer owners can attest to the great temperament of this breed. They make great friends to children and often [...]

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About the English Bulldog Breed: Origins, Appearance, Health & Characteristics of the Popular Bulldog

The Bulldog, often called English Bulldog to prevent confusion with other Bully breeds, is a popular dog for families and apartment dwellers for many reasons. Despite a bloody past, the bulldog is now a loyal, faithful and good-natured dog that generally gets along with dogs, children and other animals. English Bulldog Origins: The bulldog has [...]

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