Best Dog Life Jackets 2019

Best Dog Life Jackets 2019: The Ultimate [Buying] Guide Me: “I’m sorry, you said what?!” Friend: repeats “Dog Life Jacket” Me: *lets out a giggle* Friend: *gives me a puzzled look* Me: “Wait, you’re serious?!” That was my reaction when I first learned about doggie life jackets. It seemed like a needless product—“Dogs can swim [...]

The Value of Rewards and How to Reward Your Dog in Positive Reinforcement Training

This article highlights the importance placed on a reward system along with positive reinforcement, which is useful as a means to encourage positive thinking in not just the puppy but also the trainer. This article is your fast track guide to exploring the boundaries of positive reinforcement. Instill positive training in your dog from an [...]

Common Dog Health Problems

Common Dog Health Problems When you bring a dog home from a store or shelter, or when you’re getting to know a brand new puppy, the last thing on your mind is taking care of him when he’s sick. Inevitably, though, something will happen. If you’re lucky it will be a minor problem like flea [...]

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Keeping a pet is taking on a huge responsibility. It is often said that having a pet is no different than taking care of a child. This is because a pet is completely dependent on you and it is your duty to cater to all its requirements. Among the various animals that people keep as [...]