Anti-Chew Spray Reviews

There are always times when a dog owner returns home to find some unexpected damage inflicted on their household items by their pet dog. Dogs have a great sense of smell and vision to explore the world, but many times, they also use their mouths in the same process. Most of the young puppies [...]

About the English Bulldog Breed: Origins, Appearance, Health & Characteristics of the Popular Bulldog

The Bulldog, often called English Bulldog to prevent confusion with other Bully breeds, is a popular dog for families and apartment dwellers for many reasons. Despite a bloody past, the bulldog is now a loyal, faithful and good-natured dog that generally gets along with dogs, children and other animals. English Bulldog Origins: The bulldog has [...]

Why Dogs Love Clicker Training

Click, treat, click treat! All across the world as positive reinforcement and gentle training methods become popular, clicker training has proved over time to be one of the preferred methods for teaching dogs. Indeed, based on the principles of classical and operant conditioning, clicker training appears to highly interest dogs who seem to look forward [...]

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Puppy Training and Socialization: It’s Never Too Early to Enroll a Puppy in a Training Class

Puppy Training and Socialization: It's Never Too Early to Enroll a Puppy in a Training Class Early training and socialization can literally save a puppy's life. Canine behaviorists today agree that early socialization and training are essential. They propose that a puppy begin classes, for both the socializing and training they provide, at ten weeks [...]

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