How To Deal With Your Dog Jumping

Dog owners often face problems when their dogs have a habit of frequently jumping onto others. Dogs jumping on you or your guests can be annoying, and it can be dangerous too if the dog is powerful and of a large breed. People who can't balance well can easily fall when dogs jump on them, [...]

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Teaching Your Dog How to Stay

Teaching your dog how to stay is one of the essential commands that you should teach. It's one of the first instructions to teach a dog, and it comes handy in a lot of situations such as when you have guests over and you don't want your dog all over them or when you're carrying [...]

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How Can You Deal with Nipping?

Nipping is an issue that is very common in dogs. At times, it'll be just nipping, while at times, it'll be full-fledged biting and it's really hard to tell them apart as they are almost the same. However, whether it's nipping or biting, dogs are always playing when they do it and it's never violent. [...]

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How to Train Your Dog to Stand

Dog Training If you are considering getting a dog as a pet then you need to think about all the different aspects of being a dog owner. Training plays a major role with most owners. You could choose to ignore it, but it is often much better for the dog and the owner if there [...]

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