Selamectin in Dogs and Cats: Common Usages and Indications for Canine and Feline Revolution®

Selamectin is best known as the active ingredient found in the medication known as Revolution®. Selamectin is applied topically onto the skin, usually between the shoulder blades of the dog or cat, and has a number of different indications for usage. Revolution® is formulated with selamectin dosages appropriate for either dogs or cats and available [...]

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Healing After the Death of a Dog

When your dog dies, you feel a sense of loss that seems impossible to heal. My husband and I experienced this unfortunate circumstance in May when our puppy, Hopper, unexpectedly passed away. As this was my first time experiencing such a deep, personal loss, I desperately needed some help to get through the next few [...]

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The Right Harness for Your Dog

During the past 13 years I've been lucky enough to enjoy the company of two dogs while walking, our dog Almo (who is sadly no longer with us), and Joker. Almo Almo was a Collie/Sheltie cross. He had the short Sheltie legs, but the sturdy body and strong neck of a Collie. Yep. He was [...]

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Dog Friendly Beaches on the North Norfolk Coast

North Norfolk has over 40 miles of coastline, three-quarters of which has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The coastline is made up of nature reserves, long stretches of sandy beaches, coastal paths, salt marshes, mud flats and sand dunes. The area is teaming with wildlife and is a haven for birds. [...]

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Boxer Dogs

When the kids start begging for a dog, look no further than the boxer dog. As the former owner of a boxer mix, and two purebred boxer dogs, I can guarantee you're in for hours of entertainment. These personable dogs embody every desirable trait in a family dog. Hopefully you'll rescue an abandoned boxer, but [...]

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The Afghan Hound: Facts About Afghanistan’s Hound and Origins of this Beautiful Breed

Afghan Hounds are beautiful, regal dogs, combining strength and dignity with speed and power. However, they need a lot of grooming and exercise and should only be taken on by a dedicated and experienced dog owner. Afghan Hound Dogs Afghanistan recognizes two types;; the Ghazni, which is a temperamental mountain breed, and the Bell Murrey, [...]

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Dog Breeds – Pembroke Welsh Corgi Information: Pros and Cons of Choosing a Herding Breed

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is so named because the breed is supposed to have originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Corgis, though small in height, are herding dogs with big personalities and a very athletic nature. Breed Characteristics Corgis are often described as a "big dog trapped in a small dog's body," and this is an accurate [...]

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