Is Whip Cream Bad for Dogs

January 30, 2020
As a dog owner with over 25 years of experience, I can attest that having a dog is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in my life. The companionship and joy they bring is incomparable.

Dogs are our best friend, indeed! We like to see them happy and try to provide the best of everything we can for our pets. They are food lovers and drools whenever they see us gorging on our food. We just can’t avoid their puppy eye look, and we tend to give them a morsel of what we eat. But this should be a strict no-no, as most of the human foods are not eligible for their consumption and milk tops the list. So if a dog drools for whipped cream, we need to know first if the whipped cream is bad for the dogs.

Most of the dogs are lactose intolerant. Hence they cannot digest milk or any other dairy product. Whipped cream is also a dairy product. So before we let our dogs lick a good amount of whipped cream, let’s see if it is fit for their tummy!

The answer to the question “Is whipped cream bad for dogs?” is “Yes.” Since whipped cream is a dairy product, so it is not advisable to feed it in large quantities. Whipped cream cannot be considered as a toxic product for the dogs, but because whipped cream contains a large quantity of sugar as well as fat, which are harmful not only for the canine’s teeth but also for their overall health. An occasional treat of whipped cream is acceptable and causes no harm. It should never be turned into a habit, though.

The renowned brand Starbucks came up with several delicious foods specially made for the pooches. Puppuccino is the whipped cream that has been introduced by Starbucks for our canine friends. The whipped cream, Puppuccino, has some consistency thickening agents, too, but is safe for the dogs. But again, an occasional serving is fine. It is not good for a dog to have it regularly. Whipped cream made at home without any added flavors is also a good alternative for a relishing lick!

Now the question might arise that how much of whipped cream a dog can eat daily. A tiny quantity of whipped cream will not cause any harm. But giving the dog in large amounts will not be a good option as the high quantity of sugar is always toxic for the dogs. If one is quite lucky to have a dog who is not lactose intolerant, then they can be given whipped cream or ice cream in limited quantity.

Giving saturated fat and sugar is not a healthy diet for the pooch. It is because of the high quantity of sugar as well as fat, and both are harmful to the dogs. The percentage of saturated fat in one hundred grams of whipped cream is seventy-five. The same amount of whipped cream also contains eight grams of sugar and twenty-five percent cholesterol. Consuming a huge quantity of fat and sugar will make a dog suffer from obesity and other cardiac diseases. Apart from this, a high level of sugar content will develop dental cavities and stomach upsets. It also increases the blood sugar level of dogs, and the dog can suffer from diabetes. So it is not at all a good idea to make whipped cream a part of the dog’s daily diet!

Overeating is not at all good for a dog. Overeating causes obesity and other health problems, like cardiac issues. Saturated fats and high sugar content in the dog’s food will make the dog diabetic and will also cause dental cavities. The worst health issue apart from these is that the dog will suffer from obesity that can be the major cause of all other health issues of the pooch. These health issues might be responsible for reducing the dog’s life span. There are various symptoms of overeating of whipped cream like vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, gas, cavities, and tooth decay.

Instead of whipped cream, there are plenty of other healthy snacks for our canine friends. Peanut butter is the healthiest alternative. Apples are rich in Vitamin C and are a healthy treat for the pup. Apart from these, carrots, blueberries, sweet potato, etc. are healthy treats for the dogs. There are various types of dog biscuits available in the market, which is quite healthy for the dogs. Being said so, we also need to remember that snacks are never to be given in large quantities and should never be a part of their main meal.

Choosing the right kind of food for the pooch is very important for those who have a canine member in their family. Selecting the right diet depends on the breed of dog. However, the nutritional facts are important while selecting dog food. The concept that meat is the only important addition to a dog’s meal is not quite true. Dogs also need minerals and fibers. They should be given an adequate quantity of rice or oats and also vegetables like broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, potatoes and fruits like apples, blueberries, etc. Though these provide the required quantity of minerals and fibers to the dog, however, the quantity should be limited.

Fruits and certain vegetables should be given as treats and not in large quantities. Bananas also make a delicious and healthy treat for the pooches. Apart from meat, eggs are also healthy for dogs. At times the vegetables and fruits are given inadequate but limited quantities to the dogs who suffer from obesity. These are of low calories and keep the dog feel full for quite a long time. One should keep in mind that some of the vegetables, like potatoes, should not be given raw to the dogs. It might make the dog ill.

There are lots of options for choosing the right dog diet and as mentioned earlier that meat is not the only meal for a dog; however, it is one of the main and richest sources of protein. So a dog’s diet should consist of 25-30 percent meat, which is a mandate. Last but not least, one should not forget to add enough water in the dog’s diet from the day the canine member steps into your family!

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