• Owning a Golden Retriever

    Golden Retrievers are considered one of the best family dogs. They do well with children and have been known to play a protective role if needed. Their easy [...]

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    What to Consider When Adopting a Golden Retriever Puppy

    Golden retriever puppies, like any other puppy adoption, should be researched first. Most people are aware that golden retrievers are lovable, gentle, loyal dogs and they are great [...]

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    Training Your Golden Retriever

    History of the Golden Retriever Goldens got their start way back in 1865 in the Scottish Highlands when the breed was developed by Lord Tweedmouth after he purchased [...]

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    25 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are Superior Dogs

    25 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are Superior Dogs Should You Get a Golden Retriever? 1. Super Friendly If you have been looking for the best friendly pet to [...]

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