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Mypuppystory.com is a blog and journal where we, a group of canine lovers, share our experience in caring for puppies and dogs. As dogs owners too, we remember the many difficulties as we tried our best to welcome our beloved pooch into our homes. We understand the many moments that struck us helpless because of the lack of reliable advice and information at that time. Therefore we are dedicated to use this blog as a means to jot down our learnt experiences and lessons which may be of valuable use, particularly to new fellow canine lovers!

The Value of Rewards and How to Reward Your Dog in Positive Reinforcement Training

This article highlights the importance placed on a reward system along with positive reinforcement, which is useful as a means to encourage positive thinking in not just the puppy but also the trainer. This article is your fast track guide to exploring the boundaries of positive reinforcement. Instill positive training in your dog from an [...]

Loose Leash Training for Dogs

Dogs can be remarkable creatures. They are loving and loyal pets that can provide so much comfort to their owner for no other reason than they are their companions. For this reason, as dog owners, a distinct connection makes us feel responsible for and protective of our pets. You don’t need to have a dog [...]

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Resolve Your Dog’s Leashing Issues

Introduction: Leash reactivity, lunging, and mouthing are all aggressive behaviors of dogs, and they are caused when a dog is frustrated, threatened, or uncomfortable due to a stimulus. Normally, when a dog is not leashed, it will start barking or move away from the stimulus which is causing fear and frustration. But if a dog [...]

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How To Deal With Your Dog Jumping

Dog owners often face problems when their dogs have a habit of frequently jumping onto others. Dogs jumping on you or your guests can be annoying, and it can be dangerous too if the dog is powerful and of a large breed. People who can't balance well can easily fall when dogs jump on them, [...]

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Teaching Your Dog How to Stay

Teaching your dog how to stay is one of the essential commands that you should teach. It's one of the first instructions to teach a dog, and it comes handy in a lot of situations such as when you have guests over and you don't want your dog all over them or when you're carrying [...]

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