About My Puppy Story

Mypuppystory.com is a blog and journal where we, a group of canine lovers, share our experience in caring for puppies and dogs. As dogs owners too, we remember the many difficulties as we tried our best to welcome our beloved pooch into our homes. We understand the many moments that struck us helpless because of the lack of reliable advice and information at that time. Therefore we are dedicated to use this blog as a means to jot down our learnt experiences and lessons which may be of valuable use, particularly to new fellow canine lovers!

How to Train to Recall Your Dog?

Your dog can be the whole world for you, and some of the best times that you will spend with your pooch are outside during playtime. There are two choices that you can avail when you go out of the house with your dog; you take it either on a leash with you or without [...]

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How Can You Deal with Nipping?

Nipping is an issue that is very common in dogs. At times, it'll be just nipping, while at times, it'll be full-fledged biting and it's really hard to tell them apart as they are almost the same. However, whether it's nipping or biting, dogs are always playing when they do it and it's never violent. [...]

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How to Train Your Dog to Stand

Dog Training If you are considering getting a dog as a pet then you need to think about all the different aspects of being a dog owner. Training plays a major role with most owners. You could choose to ignore it, but it is often much better for the dog and the owner if there [...]

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Overcoming the Door Dashing Issue in Dogs

At times, dogs can be quite quick in making their way toward the exit through a door and into the garden or street outside the house. This is called "door dashing." It is almost as if their minds are altered to believe that a universe with infinite potential exists on the other side of the [...]

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Crate Training for Dogs

Dog training is the use of certain actions to condition a dog to behave in a particular way. There are many stimulants that can be used to modify the behavior of dogs. They can be environmental or they can be introduced separately. The behaviors taught to the dogs can be any form of simple tasks [...]

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How to Tackle Counter Surfing in Dogs

What Is Counter Surfing? As the name suggests, this problem occurs when dogs jump on tables and counters and try to eat food from there. The interesting fact of this problem is that many dog owners fail to classify it as an issue. They feel it is only natural for a dog to search for [...]

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H. Poop Eating (Coprophagia)

Nothing beats a best friend in the shape of a four-legged ball of fluff; in other words, a dog. Loyal, loving and empathetic, dogs make morning jogs ten times more fun. However, keeping animals as pets requires time and some animals may need a lot of maintenance.  Dogs, like all pets, come with their own [...]

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