How to Keep your Golden Retriever Dog Healthy & Happy

Owning a pet is an amazing thing, especially when it is happy and entirely healthy. While some consider pets as a mere property, others consider pet, as it is, a living being that needs to be nurtured, trained, taken care of and should be made happy. One of the most popular household pets is a domestic dog. Dogs have different breeds with varying sizes depending on the age and specie. One of the most popular breed of dogs is the golden retriever.

Golden retriever dogs are happy domestic dogs. Apart from the fact that they serve as faithful companions, they fun filled and are considered as one of the most interesting breeds of dogs. Dogs are as living beings as humans and so the need to keep them healthy and happy. The healthier the dogs are, the happy and friendlier they act.

This breed of dogs is generally fragile and highly susceptible to various diseases, hence the need to specially take care of them. The Golden Retriever breed highly is susceptible to different kinds of diseases including some types of cancer, eye defects, joints and bone diseases and heart issues. This is mainly due to poor breeding practices especially when the breed of the dog became a well-known family dog. These days, the Golden Retriever dog has become one of the riskiest and most fragile breeds to own in regard to general genetic health issues.

In this article, we will discuss reasons why you should own a golden retriever dog and the ways to keep the dog happy and healthy.

Why You Should Own a Golden Retriever Dog

Owning a dog is awesome, and believe me, it is more amazing if the breed of the dog is golden retriever. There are lots of friendly advantages when you own this breed of dog. In this section, we will consider some of the advantages of owning this breed of dogs. The advantages include;

  • The dogs are very flexible, while some use them as mere home pets, some prefer them as sporting animals for hunting routines.
  • They are faithful friends and companions. You can always trust them to be by your side and kill the boredom.
  • They are adequate house dogs. Although they can be rough and very playful, they are the kinds of dog you’d want our kids to grow up with.

How to Effectively Take Care of Golden Retriever Dogs

It is not just enough to own a golden retriever, ensuring the dog stays fit and healthy is the main deal. Alongside training the dog, there are necessary precautions and things to do to make sure the pet dog stays completely healthy.

Here, we will consider necessary steps you have to take to ensure your pet dog lives in complete health and stay absolutely happy. We will dwell on some certain aspects and consider some criteria to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy.

  • Feeding: The first thing to consider is how and what to feed your golden retriever dog. It is one of the most important factors when it comes to making sure your dog stays healthy. Like humans, what you feed your golden retriever matters. Depending on how big or small your dog is, you are supposed to feed your dogs based on their special digestive requirements. Generally, golden retriever dogs have a lifespan between 12 to 14 years. You can decide to feed your dog whatever you like but it is advisable to always consult a veterinarian to determine what is best for your retriever which will be based on the age and size of the dog. Also, note that there should always be the availability of very clean water for the dog.


  • Exercise: What you, as owner of golden retriever dog, should understand is that this breed of dog is a very playful one; in fact, they are one of the most playful breed of dogs. They are outgoing, smart and loyal which makes them very easy to train. You want to keep your golden retriever dog happy, engage it in some exercises. They have a very cheerful approach to things and they need plenty of exercise. Exercises don’t just make them happy, it also keeps them in perfect health.


  • Vaccination: Golden Retrievers are always prone to health issues. They are one of the most fragile breeds of dogs. They are very sensate and are prone to eye diseases, joints and bone issues, cardiac diseases, dysplasia, and even cancer. There are vaccinations available to prevent, and in late cases, cure some of these health issues. It is always advisable for owners of golden retrieves to always work with a responsible breeders and veterinarians to gain more knowledge on how to handle the dogs in certain situations to avoid complications.


  • Socialize the dog: This is quite different from the regular exercise. Taking your dog for a walk, making the dog meet other dogs and making your dog free with other people always bring out the best in the retriever. One special thing to note is that retrievers enjoy going out with you and meeting other dogs, especially of the same breed. This not only makes them happy, it has a way of bringing out the best in the dog. Keep your dog happy, keep your dog healthy.

Training a golden retriever is easy because of its loyal and eagerness to please nature. It is important to keep your pet dog healthy and happy. The tips given above should adequately ensure that.