Best Dog Life Jackets 2020: The Ultimate [Buying] Guide Me: “I’m sorry, you said what?!” Friend: repeats “Dog Life Jacket” Me: *lets out a giggle* Friend: *gives me a puzzled look* Me: “Wait, you’re serious?!” That was my reaction when I first learned about doggie life jackets. It seemed like a needless product—“Dogs can swim […]
Breeds that are good with cats 1. Newfoundland The old adage, ‘fighting like cats and dogs’, may have a certain ring to it, however, it is not exactly true. Cats and dogs are not the natural enemies we have made them out to be. Many get along just even becoming best fur friends. Obviously, you […]
Name: Aloe Vera The Danger Of Aloe Plants Around Pet Dogs Also known as aloe vera, this common houseplant is part of the Liliaceae family. To humans, it can help soothe minor burns and skin irritation but is toxic when eaten by pet dogs. Oftentimes causing an excess buildup of mucus and water in their […]
Golden Retrievers are considered one of the best family dogs. They do well with children and have been known to play a protective role if needed. Their easy going temperament and joyful playfulness meshes well with children’s high energy level. It is common to be greeted at the door when coming home and then followed […]
Your dog & cold Like humans, dogs are also affected by the weather. In winters, they feel cold, and if they are exposed to the cold weather, they can get sick as well. Some dogs are more prone to be affected by the cold than others. This depends on the age, health, breed, weight, and […]
Dogs are our best friend, indeed! We like to see them happy and try to provide the best of everything we can for our pets. They are food lovers and drools whenever they see us gorging on our food. We just can’t avoid their puppy eye look, and we tend to give them a morsel […]
25 Reasons Why German Shepherd Are the Best Companion Dogs They are super loyal As well as intelligence, loyalty is the other main quality that German Shepherds are famous for. They are so loyal that they will put their own lives at risk for the sake of the pack or their owners. This is really […]
One tends to spend quite a bit of time with their pets. As time passes, you start understanding every gesture of your pet. Dogs are among the most common pets that people keep owing to their affectionate nature and easy training. A lot can be gauged about the personality of a dog by its various […]
Going for a walk with your adorable pet may be your favorite task of the day, but your enjoyable outing can turn into a troublesome one if your dog is aggressive toward other dogs and people. Dog aggression is a serious issue for dog owners. Aggression is a behavioral problem in dogs and is very […]
Owning a puppy can be an extremely rewarding experience. Joyful, enthusiastic, energetic and unconditionally loving, a puppy offers great company for everyone. Exceptionally cute and adorable, it is often a challenge not to turn down a puppy during a trip to the local pet store. However, it's not all fun and games. After all, puppies […]
There are always times when a dog owner returns home to find some unexpected damage inflicted on their household items by their pet dog. Dogs have a great sense of smell and vision to explore the world, but many times, they also use their mouths in the same process. Most of the young puppies also […]
Positive Reinforcement for Puppies Positive training for puppies is a new way of looking at training for dogs, starting at a very young age, nurturing disciplinary values and skills that the puppy can learn and use as it grows, making the life of the trainer simpler and more indulgent with the dog. Positive training for […]
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