25 Reasons Why German Shepherd Are the Best Companion Dogs

As a dog owner with over 25 years of experience, I can attest that having a dog is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in my life. The companionship and joy they bring is incomparable.

25 Reasons Why German Shepherd Are the Best Companion Dogs

They are super loyal

As well as intelligence, loyalty is the other main quality that German Shepherds are famous for. They are fiercely loyal and devoted companions who will go to great lengths to protect their family or pack, even if it means putting their own lives in danger. This is clearly evidenced by the trust that the police and military have placed in German Shepherds, making them a go-to choice for protection and security operations. Even in a warzone, a German Shepherd will exhibit maximum loyalty to its human colleagues, which is something quite amazing and unique among dog breeds. There really is no greater example of the German Shepherd being man's best friend. If you raise them well, there cannot be a better canine companion!

Family is everything

With the right training and having the opportunity to get used to humans at a young age, the German Shepherd is the perfect family dog breed. They are hugely loyal, and they will put their lives on the line to protect the pack or human family. They are wonderful with children and even other pets, but it’s best if they are socialized when they are young so they are used to the family environment. German Shepherds are deeply affectionate and thrive when included in a loving family. Without the proper care and attention, they may act out in unpredictable or dangerous ways, which is why it's important to socialize and train them at an early age. Give your German Shepherd the gift of a family, and you will be rewarded with unconditional love and devotion.

They are respectful

German Shepherds are surely one of the most respectful and noble breeds of dog that exist in the world. Of course, as with every kind of dog this depends on having proper training and being exposed to people from a young age. Not only are they respectful but they are also very widely respected by us humans! They give out an aura of strength and elegance that many people find inspiring.

Indeed, many people respect the German Shepherd for its dominant appearance and grand protection capabilities. Unfortunately, it has also been given an undeserved reputation of being aggressive, which can lead to fear and misunderstanding. With dedicated training and socialization, however, a German Shepherd can be a devoted and protective companion that brings peace of mind and feeling of security.

German Shepherds love long walks

Do you like to keep fit and healthy, and do you love the outdoors? Then the German Shepherd is the perfect choice for you! They are a very physical breed, and their strength and endurance is really something quite remarkable. They are capable of walking longer distances than humans can, so you'd better get yourself in shape! It's usually recommended that a German Shepherd gets at least an hour of walking every day, which can also be great for you as this will help you keep off those extra pounds. Many people have found that their health has dramatically improved when they were forced to take their German Shepherd outside on a daily basis. There's no excuse to stay inside when you have to take proper care of your German Shepherd!

German Shepherds are all weather dogs

German Shepherds are lucky among dogs because they are blessed with a double coat. This means that they can handle cold weather and snow very well, and many people who live in colder environments choose to keep German Shepherds because of this advantage. Of course with a thick coat come certain challenges, like shedding. Due to this you may have more fur to deal with than owners of other breeds, but this is a minor inconvenience! Also watch out for strong winds, as even with their resilience, German Shepherds will struggle with the effects of wind-chill. They will also need to eat more, especially protein, if they are going to be outside in the cold for extended periods.

German Shepherds are a great outdoor dog

German Shepherds are a strong and powerful breed of dog, and because of this they love to have plenty of exercise outdoors. If you are an outdoors type of person, then a German Shepherd will be a great match for you. In fact, they will probably be able to outlast you in walking distance, if you're willing to give that a try! 45 to 60 minutes a day would be a good minimum to aim for when planning your walks. However, even though the German Shepherd is a great outdoor dog, it's not recommended to keep one outside, as this can lead to dangers for the dog and also behaviour problems. When they're at home, they are better off living inside with the rest of the family.

German Shepherd are Active!

To say that German Shepherds are Active is an understatement! German Shepherds were especially bred to tend to sheep and work hard. These wonderful dogs have an instinct to keep busy and be active at all times. These beautiful and loyal dogs love to please their master and so if you want to teach them tricks they will pick it up in no time at all and be proud to perform them whenever you ask!

A German Shepherd has almost unlimited energy but be aware that they also have big appetites! They just love to eat all kinds of food but as long as they get enough exercise they will always stay trim and healthy.

German Shepherds enjoy playing all kinds of games; chasing balls, going for walks and exploring new places. Most of this breed really enjoy swimming as well. A German Shepherd will certainly keep you on your toes but they always show so much enthusiasm they will bring out the joy of life in you as well as you share unforgettable moments with this great companion dog.

German Shepherds are healthy

The German Shepherd is a very healthy breed and on top of that, if you have one they will keep you healthy too! One of our favorite qualities of these dogs is the wonderful value that they bring to the family lifestyle in general. It is not uncommon to hear stories of how getting a German Shepherd has improved the lives of the new owners, specifically in terms of how much more often they go outside for fresh air and physical activity. This brings huge benefit to the kids and also to those getting older, who need to keep their muscles and joints in good working order.


German Shepherds are highly adaptable

The German Shepherd is an extremely adaptable breed of dog, possibly the most adaptable in the world. This makes complete sense because the breed was created to perform a wide range of vital roles in farming, security and protection, police service, military positions and helping out firefighters. German Shepherds are chosen for all of these jobs not only because of their intelligence and physical strength, but also because they are very quick to adapt to new situations without fear and panic. This is what makes them such a vital asset in so many challenging situations. It wouldn't be at all surprising to find German Shepherds doing an even wider range of interesting jobs in the future!

German Shepherds are protective

German Shepherds have a very strong instinct to be protective. This instinct is so powerful that the German Shepherd will risk its life to save its owner or family members. They will even protect the home, not just family members. If you own a German Shepherd, you can be assured of feeling safe, as it is one of the most protective breeds out there. They are so known for their ability to protect that they are even employed by businesses as part of their security, to protect things of value. They are also used by police forces around the world, which has built them a fearsome reputation. That reputation adds extra value to the German Shepherd as a protective dog, as people know their reputation and wouldn't want to mess with one!

German shepherds are smart

There is no doubt that German Shepherds are smart animals and that is one of the reasons why you need one as your life long companion. In fact, many experts consider them to be the most intelligent dog breed in the world. Their minds are very sharp and they always seem to be able to read humans, and other dogs very well. There is a reason that German Shepherds are often used as guide dogs and to detect drug smuggling and that is because they are very intelligent animals. They enjoy playing games with their owners and their intelligence will always keep you on your toes.


German Shepherds are strong

German Shepherd’s are the second most popular dogs and are favored for their power, intelligence and strength.

They are ranked number three in the world for their intelligence and are easily trained. They are used by police and military for their speed, strength and sensitive noses to track explosives, drugs and criminals.

Dog bite force is the level of pressure in a dogs bite. It’s the strength inflicted on its victim. The more pressure, the more injury or damage to something or someone. It’s measured by pounds per square inch (psi). This method is used to determine force that a dog puts forth with his bite. It’s the pressure released over a square inch of a pound.

The German Shepherd’s psi is 238. They rank 12th in the top 20 dogs with the strongest bite.

German Shepherds love children

For many people, the impression given by a German Shepherd can be of a big, strong and aggressive dog that inspires fear. This can lead to the misconception that they are not a good breed to have around children, but the truth is completely the opposite. Provided that you have properly trained and socialized your German Shepherd, it will be a best friend to your kids! Due to their physicality and boundless energy, they are a great dog for your children to play with, which will allow everyone involved plenty of exercise. Also, German Shepherds are so loyal and protective, and that means your children will always be safe when the dog is around.

They are beautiful and handsome

I think we can all agree that the German Shepherd has a very striking and powerful appearance! The way they carry themselves with strength and grace inspires respect and admiration all over the world. Sometimes you can even find them in uniform, which makes them even more handsome! There is also a lot of beauty in their variety, because they come in all sorts of color combinations. Black and Tan is the classic look, but you can also find black and red, black and gray, black and fawn, black and cream, light or dark sable, all black, and even all white. Also, their ears pointed up in alertness give them an extra smartness which is utterly irresistible.

They are confident

German Shepherds are a super confident breed and with good reason. Their natural alertness and physical prowess give them a naturally confident aura, and that is why many humans are even afraid of them! In addition to this, they are one of the few breeds of dog which regularly get hired for important jobs in security and police and military service. That should tell you plenty about their confidence! With that said, some German Shepherds can lack confidence and this is usually down to bad experiences as a puppy, growing up without the right training and socialization. This no reason to despair though! This can be rectified with regular obedience work.

They are easy to train

Obviously every dog is different, but in general German Shepherds are an easy breed to train. This is firstly because they are so intelligent and able to absorb new instructions really well. The entire history of the breed is built on providing services to humans, like herding sheep, guarding property, police service, military, sniffing out drugs and even firefighting! All of these roles require a high level of intelligence, adaptability, perseverence and alertness. As with all dog breeds, it's best to train them when their puppies, but of course this is not always possible. If this is the case for you then don't worry, due to being so clever, even an adult German Shepherd can easily be trained!

They are friendly to other pets

With the right training and socialization, German Shepherds are very good with other dogs and pets, despite what some people may believe. The best way to achieve this is to introduce other pets to your German Shepherd while it is still a puppy, as this is the phase when your dog really is a blank page. Of course, you need to make sure that the other pets, especially if they are dogs, are acting nicely with your German Shepherd. If they are aggressive, then it may return similar behaviour in response. The aggressive reputation of the German Shepherd is really not deserved, as it is a very kind and friendly breed if properly trained. After all, proper training is vital, no matter which breed of dog you're dealing with!

They are highly intelligent

When the German Shepherd breed was standardized in Germany by Max von Stephanitz, he bred them to specifically be intelligent. Training them is very easy and they are willing to work very hard. They are among the smartest breeds of dogs in the world. Their intelligence is highly adaptive and they are able to learn new commands rapidly. This is the reason why they are the breed of choice for many police forces around the world. Canine psychologist Stanley Coren developed a list of the smartest dog breeds in the world and the German Shepherd came third, after the Poodle and the Border Collie!

They can explore everything with their noses

Do you know how strong a German Shepherd’s sense of smell is? A German Shepherd’s nose has over 200 million scent receptors! This ranks them among the top breeds for sense of smell. They can sniff out things which are more than a mile away, and not only that, but they can detect objects which are underwater or even buried deep underground! Furthermore, with the right wind direction, a German Shepherd can find its way home from over 10 miles away. This is very reassuring if you are outdoors with your dog and it gets lost. Only bloodhounds have a better sense of smell than German Shepherds!

They have a dense and hard coat

The German Shepherd is a breed of working dog, and because of this their dense and hard coat is vital to them so that they can do their work well. Although they can come in different lengths and colors, all German Shepherd coats typically have one thing in common, which is that they are double layered. The top layer is harder and more resilient, providing the dog protection from the outside environment. Underneath that there is a softer undercoat which is important for maintaining body temperature. The function of the two layers combined makes the German Shepherd very good at adapting to different situations and circumstances. It's a very adaptable breed!

They have adorable ears

German Shepherds have adorable and amazing ears and one of the most famous things about the breed is how their ears are pricked up and alert. One of the cutest German Shepherd poses is when they tilt their head to the side with their ears sticking up! This usually happens when they are listening to something. However, their ears are not always upright. At the start of a puppy’s life, it can take anything from 8 weeks to 6 months for the ears to reach their upright position. By about five months if they are not upright, you can help them on their way by using tape, but this shouldn’t be done too soon.

They keep busy

Right from the start, the German Shepherd was bred to keep busy. Their mental and physical ability is unrivalled among dog breeds, and for that reason they always want to be doing something. The German Shepherd is not a lazy dog that likes sitting around the house a lot, so they are an ideal match for people who also like keeping busy and doing things. As well as going for long walks and getting plenty of exercise, German Shepherds also like to be challenged mentally and to solve problems. This means that part of keeping them busy can involve constant training and learning of new and impressive tricks to show your friends!

They love exercise

German Shepherds seem to have an almost endless amount of energy and because of this, not only do they love exercise but they simply need it! It is usually recommended to give them about two hours of exercise per day, but if you can't manage that much every day, at least give them a walk outside for an hour or so. German Shepherds love to play games too, like tag, fetch, tug of war and hide and seek. They also love to be in water, so swimming can be a great option. If you get tired, just throw a nice big stick into a lake and let your German Shepherd tire itself out swimming to fetch it!

They rarely have health problems

The German Shepherd is one of the most resilient dog breeds and so you can expect much fewer health problems to arise than with some other types of dog. The reason for this is that the German Shepherd was designed and bred to be a service dog and as such it is blessed with great physical strength and endurance, as well as a strong immune system which does a great job of fighting off diseases. They also have a double layered coat which protects them from the elements and perfectly regulates body temperature. German Shepherds would not get hired by the police and fire departments if they were weak and prone to illness!

You’ll never feel lonely with a German Shepherd.

German Shepherds make the Best Companion Dogs of all the Breeds.

German Shepherds are an especially unique breed of dog. They are among the most loyal, attentive and caring breeds of dog that you will ever find.

German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, and react to your emotional condition. If you are feeling sad, or blue, then your german shepherd will give you comfort and 100% love and attention. They love to perform tricks that you have taught them, and take real pride in being the best dog they can be for you!

A german shepherd is not only emotionally sensitive to you and your situation, but they are also extremely protective and they will make you feel like you are the centre of the universe at all times. They really make you feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you have a trusted friend for life.

You really cannot be lonely with a German Shepherd, they make the best friends and companions in life and with their loyalty, intelligence and abilities to learn and adapt, they make a perfect pet and friend.

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  1. They rank third in intelligence, I don't necessarily agree with that, being closely aligned with both border collies and German Shepherds, I have found my GSD'S highly intuitive and intelligent sweet, affectionate and protective in the extreme, Border Collies are all of the above but can be stubborn, have aggressive nuisance issues like fence barking where the GSD is more compliant and less of a barker, the GSD will bark when something is there, whereas a Border Collie actively seeks to bark at something and is genuinely disappointed when there is nothing there. With their owners a Border Collie maybe sweeter but that means it is also more demanding in attention seeking whereas a GSD will want your attention but not to the point of being a nuisance, a GSD respects your space and also likes his/hers, but likes his/her space to be a couple of feet only away from yours.

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