Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living: Choosing Dogs with Low Barking Tendencies and Exercise Needs

February 5, 2019
As a dog owner with over 25 years of experience, I can attest that having a dog is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in my life. The companionship and joy they bring is incomparable.

Many dog owners can live happily and peaceably in an apartment or condominium if they choose the right dog and follow pet rules.

Many apartment or condo residents feel their home would not be suitable for a dog. They cite such reasons as not enough room or barks disturbing neighbors.

In the past, many apartment owners did not want to rent to families with pets. Their reasons included pet messes outside, pet damage inside, and neighbor disputes. But with some cities now implementing programs in an effort to reduce pet abandonment and pet death in shelters, some landlords are beginning to notice that responsible pet owners tend to be more stable renters.

The truth is that many dogs and their owners can live happily and peaceably in an apartment or condo. The key is choosing the right dog and following apartment pet polices.

Considerations When Choosing an Apartment Dog

Many dogs, including mixed breeds, make wonderful pets in an apartment. Consider these things when choosing any dog for apartment living.

  • Apartment restrictions
  • Space required
  • Exercise needs
  • Barking tendency
  • Separation anxiety tendency

Small Dogs That Make Good Apartment Pets

Choosing the right breed helps make apartment living with a dog more fun.

Bichon Frise – Usually not an excessive barker, a daily walk and lots of cuddling is all these lap dogs ask.

Chihuahua– This toy breed needs very little exercise or grooming. Quite protective and bonding closely with its owner, it may need training to control barking.

Poodle – This breed comes in three sizes. They love to cuddle and a daily walk is sufficient exercise. Poodles may require training to control barking.

Pug – This laid back breed makes a great apartment pet. Daily walks and cuddling time should keep this dog happy.

Italian Greyhound – Much like the bigger Greyhound, this dog loves a good run but also loves snoozing on the couch and does not bark excessively.

Cocker Spaniel – This popular breed needs a daily walk and quality time with its human but is usually content to curl up on the couch while the owner is away.

Whippet – An occasional good run will keep this dog happy. It loves to cuddle and is usually not a barker.

Schnauzer - This wonderful companion dog enjoys play time with the family. Frequent visits to the park will keep this dog happy. It is very protective and may require training to control barking.

Scottish Terrier – Intelligent and protective, this dog loves time with its family. It will also need a nice long walk each day.

Pomeranian – This toy breed loves human companionship. They are fairly active but a daily walk will fulfill its exercise needs. It sometimes need training to control barking.

Dachshund – This breed is fairly active and needs daily walks and an occasional romp in the park. Tending to bond closely with their human, they can be protective and may require training to control barking.

Large Dogs That Make Good Apartment Pets

English Bulldog – Fairly inactive, a daily walk will satisfy this breed’s exercise needs. They are usually calm but can also be protective.

Greyhound – In spite of their size, these dogs are the ultimate couch potato. They do enjoy a good run occasionally but are usually not excessive barkers.

Great Dane – This large breed can make a good apartment pet if it gets a couple of daily walks. The rest of the time it will be content to lounge on the couch.

Mastiff – Another calm breed that is not prone to excessive barking, it is inactive indoors and, with daily walks, makes a good apartment dog

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