Bringing a Chihuahua Puppy Home: Bright Personality and Charm Make This Breed So Lovable

October 7, 2019
As a dog owner with over 25 years of experience, I can attest that having a dog is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in my life. The companionship and joy they bring is incomparable.

Chihuahuas have become one of the most popular dogs in America. Though there’s probably no data about what started this craze, the little pup with a big personality has taken over the country. The Taco Bell dog, Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell, and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” further put the pup into our minds as the dog to have.

The Chihuahua, at the heart of it, is one of the most loyal and special dogs around. They’re not just a fashion statement or ad campaign spokesdog. They’re a real charming companion. Their funny personalities charm even the most hardened cat lover. Their cheery faces brighten up even the most pouty face.

The popularity in the media has led to high sales of Chihuahua puppies. So what happens when someone, who has never owned a Chihuahua, brings one home for the first time?

Puppy's First Day at Home

Once a Chihuahua puppy has been purchased from a reputable breeder or store, it’s necessary to introduce the puppy into one’s home easily. Chihuahuas, like many breeds, can be nervous once they’ve been introduced into a new environment. Their little bodies may shake at the sight of a child or another dog in the house.

If there is a child, it’s a good idea to let him and puppy bond at the breeder with a adult holding the puppy. Depending on the age of the child, make sure that he or she is gentle with the little critter. This will make it easier for them to bond and get along better at home.

If there is another dog or more at home, bring those dogs outside to greet the Chihuahua. Greeting each other outside gives both the older dog and puppy a neutral zone in which to meet. The older dog won’t be as territorial and will more than likely feel more comfortable with their new friend.

Chihuahuas have strong personalities and it’s necessary to show them that they don’t own the place. Yes, this will be their new home, but at first, they are guests. They can, without good supervision and training, take over the home and do whatever they please in the long run. As a new Chihuahua parent, it’s necessary to instill proper behavior from the beginning.

Make sure that the older dog and puppy don’t get into scuffles. It’s perfectly natural for dogs to tussle about in friendly play fights. But some breeds and some personalities can get a little too aggressive. Chihuahuas, despite their smaller size, can be aggressive if provoked. Keep an eye on the older dog and puppy especially when they’re getting to know each other.

Keeping Puppy Happy, Safe And Secure

Bonding between family and Chihuahua won’t take long. Once they’re inside the house, take them around to various parts of the home. Show them that this is their home, too.

Either get a cardboard box, or a pet carrier, and set it up as its bed with a comfy towel, toys, water and food. He or she needs to be potty trained from the moment it's in the home. This kind of small enclosure makes it easy to train it and keep it out of trouble. Make sure to take the puppy outside to do its business once an hour or more. Pee pee pads are also a good training method if the Chihuahua will be living in an apartment where yard space is limited or nonexistent.

Put up barriers where the puppy isn’t allowed. Dogs, in general, love to explore. With a small puppy, make sure that cords, small toys, people food, and furniture are off limits. Cords can be especially attractive to any dog. Make sure they’re hidden or can’t be reached. Also, puppies like to leave little reminders that they’re not housebroken around cords and items laying on the floor.

Playtime is important to any dog. Chihuahuas will get a huge spurt of energy when it comes to playtime. They’ll run around the house or yard like a crazy dog. Their eyes will get wide with excitement and their tongue will hang out. If another dog is around, they’ll jump around and playfully challenge the dog to growl and nuzzle each other. Sometimes Chihuahuas will get a little too playfully aggressive. Keep them in check and they’ll calm down. Chihuahuas will also suddenly become tired after playing. It’s almost as if they’ve run out of gas.

If the temperature goes down below 70-degrees, some Chihuahuas will shake. Inexpensive clothes made for dogs help a lot. A fuzzy, colorful sock can also make for an inexpensive and practical shirt for a Chihuahua pup. Some may laugh, but Chihuahuas will look stylish and will stay warm.

Give Chihuahuas doggie treats sparingly. Human treats will lead to begging and possible health problems.

The breed is extremely loyal to its human parents. They love nothing more than jumping into an owner’s arms to snuggle and sleep. It’s up to the owner whether he wants a Chihuahua sleeping in bed with him or in a crate. Use caution and common sense based on one’s own sleeping habits and the size of the Chihuahua. As with the cold weather, they do like to snuggle under the covers, too.

Bringing a Chihuahua puppy into the home is one of the most rewarding things a family can do. With proper training and precautions, a Chihuahua will be a valuable part of the family for years to come.

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