Dog Travel Holiday – 7 Hacks You Must Know!

July 16, 2022
As a dog owner with over 25 years of experience, I can attest that having a dog is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in my life. The companionship and joy they bring is incomparable.

So, you and your pet are getting ready to head off on an adventure. Whether you’re travelling new or somewhere very familiar, it’s an excellent opportunity for some bonding with your beloved best friend – provided they are trained, and you have a plan!

Here are seven dog travel holiday hacks that will ensure the journey is comfortable and as stress-free as pawsible.

Wear Your Dog Out Ahead of Time:

If you want a pet who won’t give you any trouble, then you need to make sure they get some exercise pre-trip. Take your pooch for a nice jog, play with them in the house, or let them have a playdate with another dog.

Whatever you do, make sure they are pretty tired by the time you get them to the car, plane, boat, or whatever other modes of transportation you are taking. This way, your four-legged friend won’t be restless, irritable, or anxious for much of the trip.

Instead, they’ll be sleeping or resting comfortably and letting you enjoy the trip without worrying over their whines.


Take a Squeegee for Clean-Up:

Does your fluffy friend have a habit of leaving hair everywhere they go? No one wants a car full of pet hair, and you don’t want to leave a mess at the hotel either.

Top tip: The pet experts recommend taking a squeegee with you on vacation as it can be used to clean up dog hair quickly and effectively.

This may sound like a strange method, but this is actually one of the simplest and most effective ways to get rid of dog hair on any soft surface. It works on high pile carpets too, and a squeegee is way more compact than a hand vacuum.

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Use a Wheeled Pet Carrier:

Try carrying your fur baby through a busy airport or across the deck of a boat every time you need to go somewhere. It’s near impossible to do that while carrying your bags or suitcase, plus you’ll guarantee some funny looks!

At the same time, if you try to get your pup to walk everywhere, they run the risk of getting tangled, lost, or in someone’s way.

A pet carrier is an essential item you’ll need to bring along with you – and you will be able to find some with wheels that will make travel a walk in the park. This will ensure your dog doesn’t get distracted in a busy airport and get into mischief or refuse to move because they’re scared of the crowds.

Experts at Cat Mania state that If you’re flying, make sure to invest in an airline approved pet carrier and find an airline that will allow you to travel with your four-legged friend. Make sure to read up on what vaccinations your dog needs to travel and ensure you are appropriately covered.

Bring Along Some Baking Soda:

What are you going to do if your dog has an accident on the plane or in the hotel room? You can clean up dog poop without too much trouble, but what about if they decide to pee in an inconvenient place?

Even if your dog is well trained, accidents can happen. You are taking them into a new environment, after all, and that can make them nervous.

Top tip: Baking soda is a great way of soaking up urine and getting rid of smells and stains. Just bring a small box with you wherever you take your puppy and benefit from how easy it is to use for cleanups.


Run a Trial of the Trip Before the Trip:

It’s always good to have a trial run, right? Rather than worrying about your upcoming trip or just hoping everything will be okay – why not find out for sure?

You can pack up your dog and their things and go for a day trip, just driving down the countrywide or taking a ferry. This can be a great way to find out how your dog will cope and if you need to bring anything extra for your furry friend.

You’ll see firsthand how you can deal with a dog as you travel and how well they handle everything too. Doing a trial run can also ease your stress and worry and make you feel calmer about the upcoming trip.

Another benefit is that your dog will feel less stressed, too, as they will subsequently be more used to travelling.

Give Your Dog a Way to See Out the Window:

A good tip is to ensure your dog gets a window seat on your journey – if it’s allowable. If you are travelling by car, you might need to give your dog a cushion to sit on to let them see properly out the windows. This will give your dog a great view to keep them occupied, and you don’t have to be so concerned with entertaining them either.

Use a Pet Locator:

If you’re heading somewhere foreign to your pet, it’s a good idea to ensure he or she is microchipped and they are wearing a dog collar with a tag that has your phone number listed on it. The tag should have the number since an address won’t be any good if you are travelling.

You could also use a puppy GPS, which is a relatively new piece of tech that helps you track your dog’s location. These typically come in the form of collars with a small tracking unit inside.

You can link the tracker to your phone with some devices, and that makes it really easy to take your tracking unit with you. This way, if you lose your puppy, you can just turn on your GPS and hopefully find them a lot easier.


There you have it – a quick list of things you can do to make travelling with your pet more comfortable than ever. If you find some of your own you want to share, then please do so in the comment section. We would love to hear from you and if you have any dog travel hacks to share.

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