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For the Love of a Basset Hound: Short Bodied, Big Eared Love. This Animal is Designed for You.

March 1, 2019

Basset Hounds hail from French ancestry. Basset comes from the French word "bas" which means low-set. One look and you'll see the Basset is definitely low to the ground. One thing is for sure, there is no mistaking a Basset Hound. With their amazingly large ears and their long, soulful howls these animals captivate the hearts of many. These animals are the cousin of the Bloodhound. In England and France, many clubs use Basset Hounds in their hunting packs. So what makes these animals such a great pet to have? Well there are hundreds of reasons. According to the Basset Club of America, these animals have the following traits:

  • They are very good natured pets who are very affectionate.
  • They have a "pack" mentality which means they do well in group settings versus being alone.
  • The have a keen sense of smell. For this animal, a keen sense of smell can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on the situation. Due to this fact, it is best to keep these animals in a fenced area. You don't want their sense of smell to pull them right in front of a vehicle.
  • With their small stature, Bassets are prone to low activity levels. They may have small bursts of rapid energy but they will tire quickly. Due to their low activity levels, Bassets have been known to be a little on the obese side.
  • The average weight of a Basset Hound is between 50 and 65 pounds. So while they are small, they are hefty in size.
  • Bassets typically have two color patterns: a combination of black, white, and tan or red and white.

Basset Hounds have one of the best temperaments. This makes them an ideal pet for those with small children. Bassets simply want to be loved and have someone to play with. Have a only child? Well you've just found the ideal playmate for your child. Of course Bassets can be very stubborn and very hard headed. Housebreaking a Basset can also be quite a challenge. While Bassets are very obedient, they do still have a mind of their own. Bassets make excellent house pets but they also thrive in the outdoor environment. Like a big kid, they love running in the outdoors and chasing the local squirrels. The average life expectancy for a Basset Hound is 10 to 12 years. During this time you want to be sure to give them plenty of exercise by walking them daily. If you have a Basset Hound and are interested in joining a club there are several local, state, and national associations for Basset Hound lovers. These clubs are very beneficial because they allow the owners to really learn more about their pets breed as well as offers some opportunities to get your pet around other Basset Hounds.

The American Kennel Club has an excellent website that offers a lot of useful information on Basset Hounds. No matter what, the Basset Hound is an investment worth making. Sure the occasional barking and howling will get on your nerves. However, the love you'll receive from this animal is well worth it.

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