Herbal Medicine for Dogs - Canine Herbal Remedies

February 24, 2019
As a dog owner with over 25 years of experience, I can attest that having a dog is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in my life. The companionship and joy they bring is incomparable.

Alternative medicine has been around for centuries, with both homeopathy and herbal medicine now used to treat humans and animals. However, it is important to always seek advice from your vet before introducing any form of alternative treatment.

Which Herbal Remedies May Help Dogs?

There are a wide range of different herbal remedies used within herbal medicine to treat both physical and mental health problems. Herbal remedies which may help dogs can be purchased from a specialist vet. In The Everything Natural Health Book, Gewirtz & Nuccio highlight key forms of herbal medicine used to help dogs, to include the following:

  • • Aloe vera gel - soothes insect bites, first aid for minor cuts/burns
  • • Hawthorn - strengthens heart muscle contractions, reduces blood pressure
  • • Chamomile - helps calm dogs with upset stomach

Herbal Medicine for Dogs with Arthritis

As with humans, arthritis and related conditions may also become a problem for dogs, when they enter their senior years. Due to the fact that there are a few different types of arthritis, it is especially important to seek expert advice to ensure treatment is able to be as effective as possible. Herbal remedies recommended by Gewirtz & Nuccio which may prove beneficial to dogs suffering from arthritis, include as follows:

  • Aloe - anti-inflammatory properties
  • Alfalfa - supplies building blocks for joints
  • Dandelion
  • Slippery elm

Which Herbal Remedies Treat Dogs with Kidney Problems?

In addition to helping dogs suffering from conditions such as arthritis and digestive issues, herbal medicine is also used to help treat dogs affected with kidney problems. Acupuncture may be utilised in combination with herbal remedies, in order to improve their effectiveness. According to Gewirtz & Nuccio, several herbs may benefit dogs with kidney disease, including the following:

  • Astragalus
  • Echinacea
  • Ginkgo
  • Hawthorn
  • Gotu kola

Use Herbal Remedies with Caution

Although herbal remedies used within herbal medicine are sourced from nature, this does not mean that they are always safe. As with regular prescribed medicine, herbal remedies must be used with caution. Side effects must be weighed up against potential benefits, before engaging in treatment. While herbal remedies may be used as stand alone first aid treatments, it is important to always seek advice from your vet. Specialists who have trained in herbalism, known as herbalists are able to offer expert information on which herbs are safe and non-toxic.

As highlighted above, herbalists have used herbs to create herbal medicine and remedies for thousands of years. Herbal remedies can help dogs suffering from a whole range of different health conditions, such as anxiety, arthritis and kidney problems. Further forms of alternative medicine which may benefit dogs, include acupuncture, massage and homeopathy.

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