How to Stop Dogs Chewing Inappropriate Items

April 6, 2019
As a dog owner with over 25 years of experience, I can attest that having a dog is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in my life. The companionship and joy they bring is incomparable.

As any dog owner will know, most puppies (as well as some adult dogs) left alone in the home will be likely to find something to chew on that is either inappropriate or damages the item. Clearly, prevention is better than cure, but to avoid having to keep every shoe, sock or book out of reach, it is worth training one's dog on which items are fair game and which must be left alone.

How to Stop Dogs Chewing Inappropriate Items - Anti-Chew Spray

When puppies or adult dogs get into the habit of chewing whatever they fancy, it does not take long for one small dog to cause complete chaos within the family home. Therefore, it is best to put a lid on such unhelpful behaviour, as early as possible, to avoid it becoming habitual. One method to prevent dogs from chewing shoes is to simply head to the nearest pet store and purchase a special dog anti-chew spray.

Dog anti-chew sprays are cheap, easy and convenient to use and far less expensive than having to buy new slippers, socks and shoe-laces on a regular basis. Before purchasing an anti-chew spray, always make sure it is non-toxic and safe for both pets and younger members of the family. The idea of using an anti-chew spray is that once it has been sprayed on a pair of slippers and the dog tries to have a chew, it will taste rather unpleasant, making it unappealing and very unlikely to be touched again.

Training Dogs Not to Chew on Inappropriate Items

As an alternative method to using anti-chew sprays, there are some very simple training steps that can help, according to Davis in Dog Basics, which include:

  • Throwing a rattle pot near the chewing dog to interrupt chewing
  • Simply shake a rattle pot if dog very sensitive
  • Quickly replace item with a chewable toy or chew treat
  • Encourage the dog to take this alternative item
  • Give the dog an activity toy filled with tasty treats to keep entertained

If none of the above methods works to stop dogs from chewing up items, then the best way to get them to stop is to always keep any shoes or slipper out of harm's reach, either in the porch or in a cupboard. Some dogs chew when they have dental problems, so it is also worth getting a dog's teeth checked out by the vet.

As highlighted above, training dogs not to chew up the home, will save a fortune on having to replace destroyed items. Key methods include using dog anti-chew sprays, activity toys filled with treats an interrupting chewing with a rattle pot, followed by replacing the item with something fun.

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