The Boxer – The Best Family Pet

November 16, 2019
As a dog owner with over 25 years of experience, I can attest that having a dog is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in my life. The companionship and joy they bring is incomparable.

The Boxer breed is one of the most well loved breeds of dog out there. Often referred to as the ‘clown of the dog world’, Boxers make for a playful, loving and extremely loyal companion. Many boxer owners can attest to the great temperament of this breed. They make great friends to children and often times are big kids themselves, even getting their names from the way they ‘box’ with their front paws when playing.

The Boxer’s History

The Boxer got its start in Germany back in the late 1800s when German Mastiffs were bred with bulldogs. First bred to help with hunting and to herd bulls, the Boxer still holds some of these characteristics as it a very trainable breed and makes for a great guard dog.

The Boxer we know today was born in the early 1900s when breeds recognized the potential of the breed.

Most boxers are fawn or brindle in colour. You can also find white boxers out there though they are not as easy found as the more popular fawn and brindle.

The Nature of A Boxer

The Boxer it is an extremely alert guard dog and very protective but it also loves to welcome guests into the home! This attests to the loving nature of this breed. Boxer’s are very affectionate dogs and love to be around people but need to be socialized well at a young age in order to mix well with other animals.


Boxer’s are full of character and have pretty expressive faces and moods. They do extremely well with children and will bond easily with the whole family. Do make sure that your puppy is trained and socialized well to avoid he or she being overly boisterous and jumpy.

Training & Exercising your Boxer

The Boxer is an impressive breed to look at with its muscular, boxy build and stature. Boxer’s are powerful dogs and can be quite a handful and so they must be trained and socialized from a young age to ensure obedience when they get older. Due to this fact, a Boxer benefits from a dominant owner.

Some people find the Boxer difficult to train at times due to its active nature. For you to successfully train your Boxer pup, the trick is to burn off some of their energy and to use treats and toys when you begin training. You should remain assertive and be firm with your Boxer pup if you want to get the best outcome.

When it comes to exercise, it is best not to work the Boxer too hard if the weather is too hot as they can overheat easily. However having said that, Boxers should be exercised daily to burn off all their energy otherwise they will simply engage in other activities in order to entertain themselves and like most dogs they can become destructive.

A fenced in yard is recommended for Boxers but they can also thrive in an apartment as long as they get daily exercise outdoors.

Boxer Health Issues & Grooming

The health issues commonly associated with Boxers include cancer, heart conditions, skin allergies and stomach problems.

There is some debate out there about the health problems associated with white boxers however not all white boxers are going to give you more medical problems than their fawn or brindle counterparts.

It is recommended you only feed your Boxer premium pet food. If your Boxer happens to suffer from stomach problems, switch to a sensitive stomach dry food. Always consult your vet before you make a decision about your dog’s health problems.

When it comes to grooming, the Boxer needs only a brush once or twice a week and a bath every 2-4 weeks as they are quite a clean dog and often keep themselves in good nick.

This breed of dog can be quite sensitive to changes and extremes in weather so they are best suited as indoor dogs.

If you love dogs full of character and have the time and love for a playful companion, the Boxer can’t be beat. These dogs will win your family’s heart with their many expressions and goofy behaviour. From their playful nature to their expressive face, it’s no wonder they have such a great reputation.

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