What's the Best Holiday Present for a Dog? A Look at Top Gifts for a Dog for Christmas, Hanukkah or Birthday

January 5, 2019
As a dog owner with over 25 years of experience, I can attest that having a dog is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in my life. The companionship and joy they bring is incomparable.

Searching for a good holiday gift idea for a dog? Check out these great gift ideas for a dog in your life this Christmas or Hanukkah. And don't forget dog birthday gifts!

Many dog owners view their pet as a "child" or "family member" and so it's not surprising that many of these dog lovers are looking for a great dog gift this holiday season. Many dog lovers also buy a birthday present for their dog.

But what do you get the dog who has everything? (Or so it seems!) Finding the perfect Hanukkah, birthday or Christmas present for a dog can be difficult, so consider some of these dog gift ideas for inspiration. Many of these items will also make a great gift idea for pet owners.

Dog Gift Idea 1: Homemade Dog Treats or a Homemade Dog Dinner

Some dogs are very food oriented. This type of dog will enjoy a pet gift in the form of some gourmet or homemade dog treats or a homemade dog meal. Pet treat recipes and recipes for homemade dog-friendly meals are available for free online and there are also a wide array of dog cookbooks and pet recipe books at the local Barnes and Noble. Giving a dog a gift of treats or a homemade meal also has the advantage of being healthy and preservative-free and recipes can also be altered to accommodate a dog that suffers from a specific food allergy or food sensitivity.

Homemade dog treats are also a great gift for pet owners.

Dog Gift Idea 2: A New Dog Toy

A playful dog will enjoy a new dog toy (or five) as a Christmas gift. Consider the type of toy that the dog appreciates and shop for similar toys. A dog who enjoys chewing on rubber Kong toys or compressed rawhide bones isn't likely to enjoy a ball launcher and vice versa, so consider a dog's preferred play style when shopping for a pet gift for the holidays or for the dog's birthday.

Also check out some of the more unique dog toys, like treat-dispensing balls that can be filled with treats and then batted around (which encourages the treats to fall out when the alignment is just right) - this type of toy is great for a dog who enjoys to play alone.

Dog Gift Idea 3: A New Dog Bed

Just like some humans, some dogs are couch potatoes who don't really appreciate toys. And many of these dogs' waistlines really can't afford a gourmet or homemade doggy meal! So instead, cater to the dog's lazy side with a new dog bed.

There's all sorts of dog beds that make a great dog gift - raised dog beds are great to get the dog up and off the cold floor, while orthopedic dog beds are great for dogs of all ages, especially those older dogs with arthritis. There are dog beds with warming and cooling mechanisms, for a dog who lives in a warm or cold climate. What dog won't appreciate a comfortable new bed? It's a great pet gift that the dog is sure to enjoy on a daily basis.

Dogs who enjoy the more simple things in life may also enjoy a new doggy water fountain or the gift of a dog couch - some can even be made with custom upholstery to match the home's other furniture.

Dog Gift Idea 4: A Trip With the Dog or a Dog Party

Some dogs like adventure and exploring. For these dogs, consider a holiday gift or birthday gift in the form of a trip to the beach for a romp in the sand, or take the dog for a weekend hike or camping trip.

A dog party makes for a wonderful pet gift idea of sorts, whether it's a holiday party for pets or a dog birthday party. Invite the dog's friends from the dog park over for some homemade dog-friendly food and play. A social dog will love the gift of friendship and play.

Just like humans, each dog's personality will determine what the best holiday gift will be for that individual dog. What appeals to one dog may not appeal to another. So when looking for a great gift for a pet this holiday season (or when the dog's birthday rolls around), consider the dog's personality and lifestyle - that's the best way to find the perfect present for a dog.

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