How to Deal with Your Dog Barking

Introduction: Barking is natural and dogs bark to communicate with each other. One of the good reasons that dogs bark is because they see a stranger and want to alert their owners. However, sometimes excessive barking of dogs can be troublesome, and that should be prevented. Some dogs bark without any reason, and that too [...]

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Choosing The Right Dog Diet

Choosing The Right Dog Diet When we take a dog into our lives, we’re actually making a contract. In return for companionship and affection, we’re promising the same – plus shelter and food. It’s easy to know whether the shelter you provide – whether it’s outdoors, in the house or at the foot of the [...]

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How to Stop Dog Aggression?

Going for a walk with your adorable pet may be your favorite task of the day, but your enjoyable outing can turn into a troublesome one if your dog is aggressive toward other dogs and people. Dog aggression is a serious issue for dog owners. Aggression is a behavioral problem in dogs and is very [...]

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