Everything You Need To Know About Low-Maintenance Dogs

April 2, 2017
As a dog owner with over 25 years of experience, I can attest that having a dog is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in my life. The companionship and joy they bring is incomparable.

Decided to add a furry fellow to your family? Great idea! Having a pooch could be a very rewarding experience. Dogs are a joy to have around; they are loving and loyal. They add to the happiness and tend to feel down if their owners are feeling low, but at the same time, are always ready to cheer them up.

However, there are downsides of owning dogs as well. Sometimes, it can get annoying. For instance, one gets no free time for themselves if the dog is a heavy shedder or has many issues. All the time goes into chasing after the dog. And not many people are up to that kind of constant devotion as everybody has a busy life.

This is why some people prefer low-maintenance dogs. Everyone has a different definition for low-maintenance when it comes to dogs, though there are some key points to it. A low-maintenance dog, in general, is one that does not have many requirements.

What makes a dog low-maintenance?

A dog that is easy to train

Some dogs are very tough to train and take a long time to get a grip on what they are being taught. Whereas, others are quick learners. This makes it convenient to train them in doing basic things like visiting the washroom, not wandering into unfamiliar territories, and eating at proper timing etc.

A dog that keeps pooping and peeing at every spot in the house could be vexing. No one wants to be tied down cleaning everyday. A dog that enters places where it is not allowed to go could be an issue as well. But a low-maintenance dog that follows its training will not make such mistakes and thus is not a problem to have around.

A dog that is easy to groom

Another factor that counts is to groom the hound easily. Some dogs need a lot of attention in this regard, but those who are low-maintenance just require weekly baths and brushing of fur, daily brushing of teeth and fortnightly trimming of nails.

These dogs do not shed much hair, and that makes for convenience. A dog that sheds too much fur means it leaves behind a trail of hairs from place to place calling for the need of constant cleaning. That is troublesome particularly for people who lead an already busy routine and do not have maids to take to the broom.

A dog that is active in a balanced way

Agile and fun-spirited dogs are fun to hang out with but not for people who do not have the time or energy to keep up with a dog that needs constant fun. A low-maintenance dog is one that is easily satisfied and eager to please his owner. It does require playtime and regular walks but is not constantly hyped. On the other hand, neither is it such a dog downright too lazy to even get up from where it is lying.

A dog that doesn’t get sick easily

Some breeds of dog catch allergies quite quickly. Such dogs make constant trips to the vet and have many needs. With age their problems grow and handling them becomes costly because of the unique requirements. However, a low-maintenance dog is just the opposite. It does not get sick provided proper care is taken. It remains healthy and does not even eat too much.

A dog that gets along with others

Another factor that counts is how welcoming a pooch is. Some canines are aggressive, and that makes them hard to manage. The low-maintenance ones can be described, in a way, as those who are friendly to kids. So, if you are a person with children, then you should feel relaxed with the thought that your children’s safety will not be compromised with a doggie in the house.

Some dogs do not get along with strangers. They start misbehaving when they notice a new person interacting with their owner or getting too close. That could be troublesome. Similarly, if the pooch is aggressive toward other dogs, that could be a problem too.

Low-maintenance breed of dogs

Whether you are a new pet parent or one who has experience with dogs; and want to get a new one that does not require much maintenance, you must be aware that taking in a pet is a huge responsibility. It is not a toy that can be played with for some days and then discarded. It is a breathing mass with requirements. Anyhow, if for that very reason, you want a pooch that is low-maintenance then you should be able to decide which factor of low-maintenance you are most concerned about.

There are many breeds of dogs, out of which some are excellently easy to groom and are low-maintenance in that way, whereas there are some difficult to train as well. Some kinds meet all the standards of a low-maintenance dog. You need to be sure about which breed behaves how so that you can make your decision with certainty.

However, do not fret because pooches are usually super affectionate and loyal companions. Here are 13 breeds of dog that are low-maintenance in their ways. These are the easiest to handle dogs. You can choose whichever you think would suit you best.


These dogs are small but ferociously loyal. They like to snuggle into dark places like a hump of cloths as they feel secure doing so. The short-haired Chihuahuas hardly require any grooming, and even though they have long ears, you would not have to check those constantly.

The dog is so small that even if you get a long-haired one, its grooming does not take much time. Even a senior Chihuahua does not get any bone or joints problems. Considering their size, they eat only in small or mediocre amounts.

The only downside is that since they are small, their necks are delicate hence you have to be careful with the leash and collar. They are mostly indoor pets, but they like to have regular walks like all other pets do.

Labrador Retriever

Labs are the most loved dogs around the world and that also for a solid reason. This breed of dogs knows how to spread joy. They are low-maintenance despite their large size. They are not temperamental but rather fun-loving dogs. They are active in a balanced way; not too jolly nor lazy either.

They do shed hairs but not much, and overall have fewer requirements. They are easy to train and friendly to children as well. They do not need that much grooming. These dogs are easy to satisfy.


This breed of dog is happy with a walk, and it is not always excited. The Beagle is not lazy, and nor active either. It does shed hairs but not too much. Its short fur coat just needs to be brushed and bathed occasionally. They are not quiet and make a lot of noise. They love cuddling with their pet parents and regular play sessions.

With these dogs, you do not have to fret over getting an appointment booked with a groomer. They are small, social, and adorable. They are also great with kids, so it solves your safety concerns for your child. However, the one con is that these dogs are rather hard to train. Training a Beagle could be challenging.


Contrary to popular belief, Greyhounds are couch potatoes. One might think that given they run fast, they would be having a lot of energy; and the owner would have to take this pet for runs rather than walks. But that is not the case. The Greyhound is an indoor animal who likes snuggling into a cozy place like a sofa.

These dogs are low-maintenance as they are clean and quiet. Their short fur is easy to maintain, and their sleek body makes them convenient to have at home. They are calm and tolerant, so they are not a problem to have near kids.

This breed needs to be kept on a leash because they have the urge to run. This might get them hurt or lost and scared. Though they are well-behaved, they need to be taken out for daily walks.


Miniature Pinscher

If you are a lonely fellow who needs a friend, then this is the dog for you. Min Pins are loyal and fun, but they are not tolerant of visitors. Neither are they good to have around kids. They do not require much grooming; their small hairs do not shed a lot and can be handled with regular brushing.

The Miniature Pinscher does not even require much rigid training. They are easy to train and are snugglers. They are small and joyful but not very active. All you need to do is just regularly walk and play with them.



The Pug is another low-maintenance pooch. It does not shed many hairs and is a joy to have around. All it wants from you is to make it rest on your lap and spoil it by feeding it food. Pugs are not a problem to have around children. These lazy animals consider walking from one couch to another exercise.

They shed a moderate amount. All you get to do to keep them managed is regularly bathing and brushing them. They have a cute sense of humor. These affectionate animals are indoor dogs that cannot stand too much heat.


The Doxie is another dog that does not require much maintenance. They are intelligent, jolly, and amusing to have around. The Dachshund needs less grooming because it has a smooth fur coat that does not shed much.

They love to hang out in packs so if you are looking forward to having more than one; say two dogs roaming around your house then this breed is the right choice. Training could be challenging if done incorrectly, so be careful about that.

Other than that, these food hunters need to be kept an eye on. Because if found a snack lying around they are sure to eat it.

American Staffordshire Terrier

This dog is an active one that requires long walks. If you are a lazy person, you might not be able to keep up with an American Staffordshire Terrier. However, they need minimal grooming. All you need to do to keep it clean is give it baths now and then.

They are fun-loving fellows who get along with everyone. They are eager to please those they love, and that is why you would adore them. They are always ready for an adventure. They love meeting new people as well so they would not trouble near visitors.

They love spending time with their folks and are relatively easy to train. If you need a buddy who is as energetic as you, then this hound would be the right choice.


This breed of dog quickly mingles with the family and becomes an active part of it. They are also low-maintenance as weekly brushing of the fur coat keeps them from shedding much. The Boxer is a fun-loving, agile dog that is not aggressive and is rather loyal.

They do not need too much exercise, just regular short walks. They like snuggling with their members and giving wet smooches. They drool and snore while sleeping just like all other dogs. They are not tough to train, but they need to be in consistent practice.


The Velcro Vizsla dogs are very close to their owners. They are very affectionate and love to be around people. They make sure their opinion is being heard by constantly whining and moaning. These dogs are more indoor animals than outdoors. In the winters, they should be kept warm as they do not have an undercoat.

However, this breed of dog is smart and easy to train. They should be kept in control because they can be obstinate and tend to get excited easily. They are low-maintenance as they do not require regular baths and do not shed much. More like cats, they keep themselves clean.

Their odor is not smelly so those who are bothered with dogs because of this reason can rest assured. Weekly brushing is enough to keep their fur from shedding too much. Their nails need to be trimmed once every two months. These dogs are warm-hearted, so they are not a danger to children.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie is a hypoallergenic breed that is very friendly. Though it is small, it is an alert dog. It is cute and fun to have around. This breed of dog is not any harm for children. You do not need to keep a check on them. As these dogs are small, their requirements are less.

If their fur is cut short, it does not need much grooming either. Even if the pooch’s hairs grow, it can be cut at home every two months. The hairs do not shed much, but they get tangled, so brushing is necessary.

They are miniature and therefore do not require much exercise. Their training is also trouble-free. These small furry buddies can be your partners on the go wherever you head. They are well-behaved and kind to everyone they meet.


The Rottweiler enjoys hanging out with its owner quite a lot. This breed loves spending time and doing everything with its pet parents, from watching television to sleeping with its owners.

They are easy to train and keep in mind what they are taught. This makes them intelligent. These are not very noisy dogs. Until they are two or three years of age, they cannot even bark.

This breed of dogs is easy to maintain as well. Brushing its coat twice or thrice a week would keep the shedding to a minimum. If you are looking for a consistent companion, the Rottweiler would be an incredible choice.


This breed of dog may be one of the cutest. For people who are lazy and cannot handle the work a pooch requires, but at the same time desperately want a dog, the Bolognese is an ideal choice. The little fellow can be a constant companion and does not require much. It is easy to train as it is smart and catches tricks quickly.

It takes up very less space as it is small. It is playful but not too bouncy and active. A mediocre amount of exercise in the form of occasional walks would suffice. It gets along with other hounds and kids as well but is reserved toward strangers.

Its white hairs are long but do not shed much. So, it requires moderate grooming. Also, it is a hypoallergenic pooch which makes for another pro. It does not particularly have any genetic health issues. All this makes convenient for you to have it around as it does not make you work too much.

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One comment on “Everything You Need To Know About Low-Maintenance Dogs”

  1. The post about Rottweilers reads as if the dog is incapable of barking until 2-3 years of age. This is completely incorrect. While my Rotties aren't very vocal, they were all able to bark from a very young age just like any other breed. Perhaps a re-wording, stating that a Rottweiler only barks when necessary.
    Also, they are heavy shedders! Brushing 2-3 times a week does help.
    They are an amazing breed. Very loyal and always want to be by your side. They can be stubborn, but once you establish you are the alpha, they'll do just about anything for you. Mine have always been super protective of any children they encounter. As a fellow Rottie owner once told me, "never discipline the children when the Rottweiler is in the room, they will not allow it".
    They are giant babies that do not understand their size and think they will fit perfectly in your lap.
    I have had 3 over the years.

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