History of the Golden Retriever

Goldens got their start way back in 1865 in the Scottish Highlands when the breed was developed by Lord Tweedmouth after he purchased a pup named Nous who was the sole yellow member of a litter made up of retrievers with typical black wavy coats. Later, Belle, who was a member of the now-extinct breed called Tweed Water Spaniels, was bred with Nous and they had several yellow pups who then became the origin of the new line of yellow retrievers. And, then in the mid-1920s, Golden Retrievers were officially recognized by the AKC.

Goldens were originally bred for the purpose of being biddable, as well as very calm and sensible, for using them as hunting dogs. These popular dogs excel in obedience competitions and as show dogs, as well as for tracking and service dogs. In fact, several organizations train Goldens, Labs, and Lab-Golden mixes almost exclusively, including Paws With a Cause, Canine Companions for Independence, and Assistance Dog International.

The Golden Retrievers highly regarded both as a pet for dog lovers as well as being an efficient worker in tracking and hunting activities as well as other jobs. This dog breed originated in Scotland in the 1800s from a combination of spaniels, the newfoundland and the Irish setter. Their popularity is well-earned as they are handsome dogs with an excellent temperament.

The characteristics of this magnificent dog will be outlined here along with some insights on how to train and care for them appropriately.

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Hobbies & Behavior

The Golden Retriever has a natural love of water so activities involving water appeal greatly to them.
Many of their hobbies are outlined above under the behavior heading but there are other activities that they enjoy, in particular, fetching a stick after it is thrown because this appeals to their natural instinct to retrieve.

Jumping is a favorite hobby of the golden retriever which can be unsociable if they jump up on people, especially small children. Because they are so eager to please and so easy to train, they can be easily taught not to indulge in this habit.

As well as swimming, agility training is another favorite hobby of golden retrievers. Despite their large size, they are very agile and like doing activities to develop this skill.

A hallmark of golden retriever behavior is their love of chewing things. To overcome this and protect your furniture and personal belongings, you would be well-advised to have a selection of specific toys that they can carry around in their mouths and chew.

A tendency to pull on the leash until trained not to do is another feature of their behavior.
As highly intelligent dogs, they are good at tracking behavior and are sometimes used as gun dogs or even as sniffer dogs for detecting drugs as well as in bomb detection. They are probably best known in the field of working dogs as guide dogs for the blind.

The Golden Retriever has a natural love of water so activities involving water appeal greatly to them.
Obedience training to modify their behavior in the context of their large size is very necessary with this breed, particularly because they can have the temperament of a puppy even as a grown dog which can lead to many challenges.


Male Golden Retrievers are slightly bigger than female ones. A male golden retriever usually stands at about 24 inches at the shoulder and weighs up to 75 pounds. They have a long, thick, water-repellent coat with a feathery, curly finish. They have a tendency to shed their coat. This tendency can be reduced by regular brushing.

Love Food

There are two options for feeding a golden retriever-"free feeding" which means leaving food available at al times for the dog to eat as he pleases. The other option is giving your golden retriever regular meals. Most people recommend two or three cups of premium dry dog food mix with a plentiful supply of fresh water.

One of their favorite foods is scraps of meat from your plate or home-made treats you can make for your pet from meat.
Perhaps their most favorite food is a marrow bone with meat on it. They enjoy the meat as well as being able to indulge in their favorite pastime, chewing, at the same time.

Golden Retriever Love Exercise

This is a primary consideration when considering owning a Golden Retriever. These dogs need a lot of exercise, perhaps up to two brisk, long walks per day. It is fair to say that they are very much outdoor dogs who do not thrive when confined to a small, indoor living space. Their exercise needs can also be achieved by swimming in the sea or a lake. When you consider the fact that they were bred in Scotland and had the endurance to be outdoors all day on rough terrain, it is easy to understand why the golden retriever's mental and physical disposition is very dependent on adequate, regular exercise.


The golden retriever's excellent reputation as a working dog is proof of how easy this dog is to train. He has an eagerness to please his owner which, when combined with his high intelligence, makes this breed very amenable to train in different working jobs or to modify his behavior as a family pet. Once the dog understands what you want him to do, he will listen and obey so that you don't have to repeat yourself often.

The golden retriever is an excellent choice for either a working dog or a pet. If you take the above considerations on board for care and special characteristics, you can be sure that the golden retriever is a great dog, well-deserving of his good reputation and popularity.

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