What to Consider When Adopting a Golden Retriever Puppy

August 26, 2019

Golden retriever puppies, like any other puppy adoption, should be researched first. Most people are aware that golden retrievers are lovable, gentle, loyal dogs and they are great with children. They are friends with the neighbor's golden retriever and they've seen other golden retriever owners out for a dog walk. However, there are things these golden retriever owners aren't telling you about the golden puppy.

Life with a Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden retrievers are high energy working dogs, and they are young for a very long time; about four or five years. One golden retriever owner found this out too late, because she didn't do her research:

Diane, a lonely apartment dweller, decided to adopt a puppy. She'd seen and heard what wonderful pets golden retrievers make. Whenever Diane saw a golden retriever assistance dog, it was quietly sitting next to its owner in the library, or doctors office. She decided a golden retriever puppy was for her so she looked in the classifieds and found one for sale by a backyard breeder. Since she lived in an apartment, she bought the runt of the litter, a blond female cutie she named Sugar. On the way home, Diane bought lots of toys for her new puppy.

She soon learned that golden retriever puppies have unending energy and love to play from dawn to dusk. They love to run and jump; preferably on people. They especially love to play fetch and tug-o-war. Golden retrievers also need to have something in their mouths most of the time. For Diane, it was her socks, panties, or bra that she forgot to throw in the hamper. Before long, Diane found that she had a seventy pound golden retriever puppy running and jumping on people. Whenever Diane wanted to read a book, Sugar wanted to play. If she wanted to talk on the phone, Sugar wanted to play. When she wanted to watch TV, Sugar wanted to play. Diane soon realized that a golden retriever puppy was a bad choice for her.

Things to Consider when Adopting a Golden Retriever Puppy

  • Golden retrievers are working dogs and need to be working all the time.
  • Golden retrievers are high energy dogs.
  • Golden retrievers are very social dogs and want to be with people all the time.
  • Golden retrievers need lots of exercise.
  • Golden retrievers need to start obedience training as soon as possible.
  • Golden retriever puppies will be in the puppy stage for a very long time.
  • Golden retrievers do not become calm until they grow out of the puppy stage.

Golden Retrievers as Apartment Dogs

Golden retrievers do not make the ideal apartment dog. However, it can work out under certain conditions. If there is a local dog park where the dog can run and play at least twice a day, it will be okay in an apartment. Take the golden to the park in the morning to run and play with other dogs for at least an hour. Do the same in the late afternoon or early evening. This may not be conducive to working people, but it could work with a stay at home mother or retired person. The other alternative is to adopt an older golden retriever.

Golden Retriever Puppies - the Ideal Living Environment

The ideal living environment for a golden retriever would be a family with school age children and a large backyard. The dog would be a member of the family. If the family went camping, the golden would go camping. If the kids played soccer in the backyard after school, so would their golden. If the family watched TV by the fire on a cold evening, the golden would curl up with them and watch TV. too.

This is not to say that a single or retired person would not provide a good home for a golden retriever. They just need to provide their golden with plenty of stimulation, and social interaction. Those who feel they just don't have the energy to match that of a golden puppy should check with golden retriever rescues and consider an older golden. There are many of them looking for good homes.

Golden puppies must receive obedience training as soon as possible. They must be a member of the family and should never be left in isolation. They are not outdoor dogs. If their owner is in the house, the golden will want to be in the house. If their owner is in the backyard, the golden wants to be in the backyard, too. Yes, a golden retriever is a calm, loving, family oriented, loyal companion when well-trained, socialized, and out of the puppy stage.

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